Systems Security & Support

Customer Service, Support and Security are big priorities for us both externally with our customers and internally with the users of our systems.  Our Management Team and End Users are supported by a two tier system that starts with the System Administrator and our IT Department’s Help Desk.  Along with support for both the Infor-Lawson and BOETA systems, this first tier of service also provides support for the telecommunication and desktop areas.  The second tier of support is provided by our in-house Programming Department of 7 individuals that creates and maintains our customized software.  The System Administration Team implements and monitors the security for both the Infor-Lawson and BOETA systems.  A multi-layer review and approval process exists to grant access to both systems along with protocols for immediate removal of system access for any reason from a position change to employment termination.  We fully employ “best of practice” internal/external controls along with periodic, un-announced audits to ensure data and process integrity.  Our software is deployed using the latest security (SSL) and encryption technology.