Admiral Security takes a unique approach to training. Many contract providers treat training as a stand-alone department focusing solely on training for training’s sake; others may have training report into security operations, which covers the tactical side of guard force management, but neglects the principles of human development. We believe our structure is more holistic and serves our officers - and ultimately our clients - much more effectively.

Training is a critical element of our Total Quality Management program, along with Human Resources and Quality Assurance. Oversight for these departments is provided by a dedicated resource at the Vice-President level, operating independently of Operations, ensuring an honest and unbiased approach to continuous improvement. This structure allows for a synergistic focus between all of the people-based functions within the organization. From the moment someone expresses an interest in working for Admiral, their strengths and weaknesses are assessed, they are given the tools needed to succeed, and they receive on-going support from a cohesive team that can repeat this cyclical process as often as necessary throughout their employment.

More importantly, this approach ensures that every training interaction results in the maximum benefit. Training programs are designed based on client specific needs and contractual requirements. As required, officers receive pre-assignment training, and training when assigned to a new post. Additionally, officers receive periodic refresher training and recertification training as required by jurisdictional regulations. When a problem or concern arises, generic training is not applied as a “band aid” for the problem. The team instead works together to ensure the root cause is identified and the real problem is addressed.

As for our materials and our training personnel, Admiral Security Services offers the best of both worlds: Our clients have available to them industry and subject matter experts with the proper certifications and proven experience including former FBI, U.S. Marshall Service, Law Enforcement and skilled training professionals. Many of our instructors have earned ASIS CPP certifications and/or have completed professional development courses offered by FEMA, ASIS, and other security affiliates as well as “train the trainer” and instructional design programs offered by institutes of higher education. You will see we have a vast repertoire of materials, and every program we currently use is not only professionally designed, it is technically accurate as well. Admiral regularly partners with dozens of agencies to ensure that we are receiving the most cutting edge information and resources available. Hundreds of courses, videos and resource materials can be offered to our employees as a result of relationships with government and industrial security agencies